Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today I Took Myself on a Date for Christmas

Matt and I don’t ever really exchange Christmas presents. I guess one year we each bought a bike for Christmas, but we got them in November. It’s not that we don’t love each other, it’s just that we don’t really need anything new. Instead, we usually spend some money to go on a nice date together, which ends up being more fun for us than shopping, so it works out well. Plus, Matt and I try to live on as small of a budget as possible and save whatever money we can to travel. So if you are wondering why we both look ugly most of the time, it is because we don’t often spend money to get our hair done, or on new clothes, or nice makeup. We would rather travel to Third World countries and get strange diseases there. Weird, huh.

Anyway, since I am not really getting a Christmas present from Matt or my parents or my parents-in-law, I thought I would take myself out on a date to celebrate the holidays and the end of the semester. Today seemed like a perfect day for it, because it is pouring, and I LOVE the rain. So I put on a warm sweater and a scarf (a must for a great date with yourself), and headed out. First stop, coffee shop. I splurged to get my favorite beverage and spent time writing and reflecting. (I have my three week break from school to figure out what I am going to do with the rest of my life, so that means a lot of introspective writing and thinking.) Then I headed over to my favorite, cheap sushi place to eat my favorite food. Yes, I was “Brooke, party of one.” But when you are on a date with yourself, what choice do you have? Then, it was off to home where I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually. And I did all of that with a smile on my face and without an umbrella (mine is somewhere in New Zealand). All in all, a successful date… except for I didn’t get lucky at the end.

If you are still reading this post, I commend you. And if you still want to be my friend after you read it, I commend you even more.


  1. katie and i just finished it! first, apparently!! congratulations, you definitely deserve to treat yourself after a semester of grad school.

    love you,
    Katie and Joel

  2. that sounds like a good day brooke.

  3. amazing.
    i defintely like you more just for this.

  4. I would have gone with you that was completely unecessary...oh wait I get it!

  5. haha. except you didn't get lucky. oh man, brooke, sometimes the things that come out of that mouth of yours! you make me laugh, and that is all that matters. see you this week girlfriend! :]