Friday, October 3, 2008

The VP Debate...

And our second debate party!

In my opinion, the clear winner was Biden. I have to give it to Sarah Palin that she did much better than expected, but Biden did have her beat with a strong debate performance. The issues were very much the same as in the first presidential debate, with Sarah Palin resorting back to her knowledge on energy and drilling, and Biden trying to emphasize the importance of alternative energy, not just drilling. There was disagreement over who should be taxed, with Biden wanting tax cuts to benefit the middle class and Sarah Palin focusing on tax cuts for all, emphasizing the trickle down economics theory that tax cuts for the rich create jobs. The main disagreement took place with the War in Iraq when Biden called for a time line and Palin said that approach would be like “waving the white flag of surrender.”

Some points made at our debate party that I thought were interesting (in summary):
  • Wilco from the Netherlands: Joe Biden is a better debater than Barack Obama. He should have run for president. Me: He did.
  • Laurel: I think it was a tie, because Palin really successfully reached out to her target audience even though she might have been a weaker debater.
  • Reed: Why do they only talk about the middle class and not the poor?
Most people at the party thought Biden was the winner.
What did you think?

Here’s what the polls had to say:
CBS poll:
Biden won: 46%
Palin won: 21%
Tie: 33%

CNN Poll:
Biden won: 51%
Palin won: 36%
Tie: 13 %

84% of all those who were surveyed said Palin did better than expected.
But what does that show if people have that low of expectations for a vice presidential candidate?

The next presidential debate is Tuesday October 7, which is also the next debate party. Tune in at home or join us here.

P.S. Since last night was also my birthday celebration with our community here, thanks to Brooke for cooking a delicious meal, thanks to Matt for baking cookies, and thanks to the three Dutch people who each gave me three kisses.

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  1. Too bad we can't have a mixed party ticket! How about McCain and Biden? That would be better than Obama and Palin, right?