Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fighting off those post-Halloween blues.

When you have the post-Halloween blues, so you dress up as an astronaut, ballerina, pirate, butterfly, ladybug, superhero, all at the same time.


Cambria: Keeping the Halloween spirit alive. Wearing all the dress up clothes and having a parade in the backyard. Carrying her candy bag around, dumping it out and putting the candy back in at least twenty times. Making candy trains and cars and towers while I try to convince her that candy is just a toy to play with, not a treat to eat.

Everett: Asking what holiday is next and when we can start making decorations. 

Me: Trying to figure out how I can magically make all the candy disappear. Debating whether or not we should skip Thanksgiving and just move on to making decorations for Christmas.



She is giving her skittle a hug before she eats it:

She is starting a parade:

The parade continues on a tricycle:

The parade continues on a scooter:

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