Monday, November 12, 2018

Autumn in San Diego.

I adopted a new life philosophy this autumn: if you’re in a playground season of life (as I am), you might as well spend your time at a playground with an ocean view.

I have a love/ hate relationship with fall in San Diego. It’s 70 degrees and sunny almost every day, which means no cozy sweaters just yet, but we can spend our mornings and afternoons like this and it’s pretty great.
The tourists are gone, and we have the city back to ourselves. The ocean is at our fingertips whenever we need some peace. We can eat a picnic lunch outside every day.

Eventually we will wear sweaters and that will be nice, too.

Watching the surfers from the pier is one of our favorite things:
Another day, another trip to the playground (title of this chapter of my life):

They always find the smallest spot of shade to have a picnic together:

That moment you discover your pigtails make a shadow, too:

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