Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yosemite in the summertime.

Every trip to Yosemite leaves me full of awe for the beauty of the earth and my children. Despite how many times we have traveled to Yosemite as a family, every season provides a different type of experience, so each trip feels unique compared to the previous one. In summer, the waterfalls aren't as full, it is a bit too hot, and it is more crowded, but it is still so beautiful. The smell of warm pine trees, riding our bikes all around the valley, playing in the water, and the longer days of sunlight that allow us to linger in the meadow before bed- it is all pretty magical. We have figured out how to beat the heat (by taking a dip in the water) and avoid the crowds (by never using a car, riding bikes everywhere, and finding secluded areas to explore).

We measure success by the amount of dirt and sweat we are covered in at a day's end.

There is no other feeling compared to that of standing in the valley surrounded by granite mountains and waterfalls. Beyond the natural beauty of the national park, it is also a dream come true to watch my happy place become my kids' happy place, too.
 Junior ranger ceremony:
Mostly, parenthood is not made up of moments as magical as your kids running through the meadow and hugging at golden hour. But sometimes, parenthood is those moments, and they are worth capturing and remembering. 
I love the pure joy these two exude when playing in water.

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