Saturday, June 2, 2018

My ideal day.

One of the greatest parenting lessons I have learned is to do what makes you happy and bring your kids along for the journey. Parenthood is not about sacrificing one's own happiness for one's children. This is an obvious idea, and yet, something that I had to learn for myself. Once I started planning our days around what makes both the kids and me happy, I have very much enjoyed being a "stay at home mom" who avoids spending an entire day at home. My kids are crazy, but we have fun being out and about.

Sometimes I like to think: what would an ideal day look like for me? Then, I plan it out, and do it with the kids. My plan for this day was: try a new bakery and share an almond croissant, get a latte to go, walk around La Jolla on a mural scavenger hunt, go to the beach to see the seals and play in the sand, and take photographs along the way. This day was more about me and what I like to do than the kids, but we all had fun. Everett has a newfound interest in photography, so he had fun being behind the camera a bit, too.

It was one of those days that makes me want to hit the pause button, so that my kids never have to grow up and go off to school, and we can spend our days going on local adventures together exploring our city.
The photograph above was taken by a kind person named Scott, who happened to be walking by and asked if he could capture this moment. A few days later, he emailed me the photograph, and I love seeing my little budding photographer holding a camera as big as his head. 

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