Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Little dragons.

On this particular day, when Everett woke up, I said to him, "Guess what day it is?!?" He guessed Monday. I responded with, "No, it's Dragon Day!"

My kids both love dragons and dressing up. After Halloween, I bought a few extra costumes on clearance, and saved them for school lessons throughout the year.  To start off our day, I gifted Everett this dragon costume and Dragons Love Tacos 2 (the original is a favorite of his). We've had several dragon days since.

We read dragon books, most of which I checked out from the library. There are so many great dragon books! We enjoyed all of these:
Dragon stick puppet, story, and performance:
After we read all the dragon books, we created a dragon puppet and Everett wrote and acted out his own story about dragons. We made the dragon puppet by cutting up Everett's paintings that he had created throughout the week and using a dragon image as a model. I cut, Everett painted, glued, and put the eyes on (he wanted his dragon to have fourteen eyes).
Dragons Love Tacos:
For lunch, we read Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2, and ate tacos.
Everett, the fire breathing dragon:
On another day, we read Dear Dragon, and Everett became a fire breathing dragon, and then he wrote a letter from the perspective of a dragon. I gave him this sentence to answer, "I am a dragon, I like..." and he finished the sentence.  To create his fire, we used a tutorial as inspiration. He painted a toilet paper roll green, and then I cut tissue paper and he helped me glue it to the inside. 
Everett the dragon and his castle:
On another day, we read King Jack and the Dragon, we built a castle, and Everett was the dragon who wanted to live in the castle.

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