Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dinosaur day.

"Roar" was one of Cambria's first words, and she says it every time she sees a dinosaur. Everett's love of dinosaurs has rubbed off on her. One of my favorite things about doing school at home with Everett this year is planning activities based on what he is passionate about, and dinosaurs are definitely at the top of the list. This was one of my favorite school days. We called it "Dinosaur Day." Everett wore his dinosaur costume from Halloween 2016, and he had to find all of his dinosaur eggs with his dinosaur babies in them. I hid the eggs throughout the back and front yard, and he had to bring the eggs to his nest. It was really fun for both kids. 

Books we read:

Can Everett fit into an Apatosaurus footprint? 24 by 48 inches according to the American Natural History Museum website:
Pushing his babies on the swing:

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