Monday, January 22, 2018

Women's March 2018.

We are trying our best to raise kind, thoughtful, compassionate kids, and I think one of the ways we can do that is to show them that we stand up for ourselves and others. 

I read with intrigue and empathy the posts and articles from people who weren’t attending the Women’s March this year based on principle and critiques of the movement. I’m usually an optimist and an idealist, but I also recognize that it’s much easier to be those things when you come from a position of privilege. 

I wondered if we should go to the march this year. 

I recognize that a march makes people feel good when they could be doing more, that it is only one small thing among many that can be done to make a difference, and that some issues embedded in the movement get more attention than others, that certain groups of people feel like their rights are not heard or seen in the same way as other people’s.

However, I found myself this week during our “school” time teaching my son about Martin Luther King, Jr. and love and kindness and compassion, and what better way to see that come alive than at a march. There is something powerful about being in a group of people who have signs and smiles and encouraging words. There is buzz and happiness and energy in that, in a tangible way that my son understands that is different than a call or email or letter to a government official. There is community at a march. Everett even made it on the San Diego Women's March instagram page, which was just another thing to show him that it does matter that he shows up, even if he is one of many, even if he wonders if it really matters if he is there. 

A lot of the time we wonder if we are doing this parenting thing right. There are so many decisions to make, and sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about them all. 

There are also those moments where you realize that you are doing okay. We let Everett design and make his own sign this year, and he chose for his sign to say “Peace for the earth.”

We chose to make our sign about the Dream Act, in support of our students and other dreamers in our community. 

It’s easy to focus on what could be better about the movement, what is wrong with it, reasons why I didn’t need to show up this year, but it’s also powerful to just show up anyway.  

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