Monday, December 18, 2017

One year old Cambria: my wild little musician flower child.

All of a sudden, she is fourteen months today, but it seems like her birthday was just yesterday. The days and weeks seem to be passing by so quickly lately. After looking back through these photographs, I think they might be some of my favorite from 2017. 

We like to keep first birthdays simple. I think a first birthday is partially about celebrating the one year old, but also about celebrating the survival of the parents through the roller coaster that is parenting a child from birth to age one, so we wanted to spend Cambria's birthday simply enjoying each other's company. 

We began the day with matching pajamas. I am officially the mom that gets excited about her kids wearing matching pajamas. I never thought that would be me, but it is. One of our family mantras is John Muir's "The mountains are calling and I must go," so when I happened upon these pajamas on sale, I couldn't help but buy them for Cambria's birthday. 

Everett woke up before Cambria on her birthday, and when I asked him what we should do with Cambria as soon as she woke up, he said, "I want to cuddle her in your room." 

Everett and I baked her a cake, and he helped me wrap and decorate her presents. He also helped her eat the cake and open all her presents. The theme of her presents this year were books that can inspire her as she grows and music, because she loves it so much (just take a look at the photographs above of her with her new instruments). We celebrated just the four of us at the park in the afternoon,  and throughout the week celebrated by taking her to a museum and having a small party with family. Here are some photographs from October 18, the day Cambria turned one. We all made it through the first year, and Cambria is one loved little girl.

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