Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Autumn fun.

We have been learning about seasons in "school," which San Diego can make confusing. We learned about how we are currently in Autumn, we went on a nature walk to collect leaves, read books, and created art. Then next day, it was warm and sunny, and Everett asked, "Is it summer now again, mom?" That is what you get with seasons in San Diego. We do get a change in weather. One just might experience different seasons from day to day and week to week. Sometimes I long for real fall weather, but I wouldn't trade our winter beach days for anything. I love where we live. 

Here are some Autumn books we enjoyed and would recommend:
Here are some activities we did and would recommend:
  • Nature walk to collect leaves. 
  • Looking for various shapes and colors among the leaves. Everett was really excited to find a heart leaf. 
  • Throwing the leaves and taking silly floating leaves photos. 
  • Creating a "leaf man" art piece after reading Leaf Man.
  • Creating "stained glass" art out of the leaves we collected using saran wrap and a glue stick (inspired by this post). 
All of the activities we did were simple, so that Everett could do most of it himself, and yet they were fun. 

Little sister helps collect leaves and put them in the basket on our nature walk:
She didn't want to let go of this leaf:
It takes us a long time to simply walk around the block:
Heart leaf:
Silly floating leaves photos:
Creating a "leaf man" after reading Leaf Man.
Creating "stained glass" art out of the leaves we collected:
Now, onto winter!

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