Friday, October 13, 2017

Playing together.

I set Everett up with some crayons and paper, in hopes that he would be entertained long enough for me to clean the floor, when I was interrupted by giggles and gleeful shrieks. Every time I try to clean, I am interrupted, but at least this time it was by smiles and laughter. I quickly gave up on cleaning to observe the sibling love fest that was happening on our dining room floor. Having a clean house is highly overrated anyway, especially with a three year old, an almost one year old, and a dog. A clean house lasts for approximately 27 seconds.

We have entered a new stage of life where my kids actually play together. We always knew we were going to have more than one kid. It was just a given for us and never something we thought too much about. I always thought that the greatest gift I could give them is each other, but I didn't realize I was also giving myself an incredible gift in observing their sibling relationship develop. Witnessing their friendship unfold is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Of course, there are a lot of "don't sit on your sister," "don't take her toy," "don't push her," etc. But, they play and laugh and have fun together, and it is really beautiful to watch. 
She copies everything he does:
Those big, brown eyes melt me:
Another time when my cleaning was interrupted with a "Mama, can you stop cleaning? Come look at Cambria and me! We're playing peek-a-boo!" Okay, Everett, twist my arm. Of course I will stop cleaning!

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