Monday, October 23, 2017

Park days.// Following my dreams.

I’ve thought a lot lately about phrases like “follow your dreams” or “follow your passions.” I don’t want to see this season of my life with young kids as a pause from following my dreams or my passions. This season of life is definitely a dream realized, it just isn’t as romanticized in society as traveling the world, or getting a master’s degree, or advancing a career. My dreams are simpler in this season of life, more mundane, but heck, I’m going to celebrate them anyway.

One of the dreams I have had ever since Cambria was born was to push my kids side by side in swings at the park.

It’s ridiculous and silly, I know, and as evidenced from the photograph above, I think I was more excited about it than they were.

The park we frequent the most is the simplest, crappiest park, but it holds some of our most special memories in this season of life. These photos are from the spring, but it was an occasion that I felt should be documented: my two kids swinging side by side for the first time, a dream realized.

Documenting daily moments of joy through my camera has been such a gift to me. Through my challenging season this summer, when I couldn't successfully journal, I still managed to pick up my camera and document life through photos, and it is always a joy for me to look through them and focus on gratitude.

I am living a dream that I never knew I had, being a stay at home mom. Sometimes the dreams that are the most unexpected transform us the most. 

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