Sunday, March 12, 2017

Preserving his spirit.

“Mama, I sit in this basket? This is my spaceship. I go into space?” Yes.

I am learning these days that one of the best things I can do as a mom is say yes and let Everett’s imagination rule what we do. Before I had kids, I thought my job was to shape them into amazing human beings, as if they came to us void of personality, a blank slate. Everett definitely came to us with a personality all his own, and we are seeing Cambria’s personality reveal itself little by little, too. (That has been one of the most beautiful parts of having two kids, seeing how different and unique they are from each other, just simply because of who they are.) Although I want to help Everett be the best version of himself he can be, I want to make sure I focus on preserving who he already is. He is curious, independent, stubborn, adventurous, imaginative, and smart. He knows how to have fun and learn and live life to the fullest better than I do. I want to help him maintain his spirit and soak up all I can of his enthusiasm for life.

“Mama, I wear my pajamas and my rain boots and ride my scooter?” Yes.

“Mama, I wear my orange cape to the store so I can run fast?” Yes. 

“Mama, I sit in this basket? It’s my train. I a conductor.” Yes.

Sometimes it feels like so much of my time is spent saying no, but I’m pretty sure the times I say yes are more important. And a lot more fun.

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