Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our sweet, brown eyed girl.

Before we had any kids, I thought we would have two girls with brown hair and brown eyes. We would sing the song “Brown Eyed Girl” to them, and play it during living room dance parties and long adventurous road trips. I have no idea why, but I pictured us as a two girl family. We didn’t find out if Everett was a boy or a girl ahead of time, and as we now know, he is a boy with blue eyes and white blonde hair, so that goes to show how much mother’s intuition I have about such things (zero). Still, I hoped I would have a daughter one day.

A year ago on the President’s Day weekend holiday, I thought I was losing our baby and was waiting for some test results to come back. Because of the holiday, we had to wait an extra day to hear from the doctor's office, and it made for a painfully long weekend. Everything turned out to be okay, and this past President's Day weekend our little girl turned four months old. This time, the long weekend seemed to go by too fast, and as I remembered back to the worry we experienced last year, I was feeling extra grateful for our sweet, brown eyed girl.

We’re not brave enough to take her on an adventurous road trip just yet, and she can’t yet fully participate in our living room dance parties except for in our arms, but we sure do love looking into the eyes of our brown eyed girl and imagining all of those moments that have yet to unfold.

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