Sunday, July 31, 2016

Los Angeles babymoon.

We wanted to have a little getaway with just the two of us before the baby comes, so we stayed in a part of Los Angeles that neither of us have ever explored for a few days. During the day, we swam in the pool and read, and in the morning and night, we explored the surrounding food scene to try new and delicious restaurants. It was an amazing and relaxing time. It is always so hard for me to leave Everett. I get sad and second guess myself, thinking that I should probably never be away from him, but the couple of times that Matt and I have gotten away without him have been so refreshing for us as a couple. I really do think that one of the best things we can do for our son and our family is have a strong marriage, and so when I realize that, it makes me feel a little less guilty and selfish for leaving Everett. Plus, he gets to stay with his grandparents, which he always loves, and he talks all the time about how Mama and Dada went on a date!


Since it was our "babymoon" and this time around has been documented much less thoroughly than last time, we decided to take some bump photos, so there is pregnancy photo overload below at 29 weeks. 

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