Monday, May 2, 2016

Picking up my camera more.

I attended a photography workshop in April that inspired me to pick up my camera more. I love capturing everyday moments of joy. There is something beautiful about pausing to take notice and really appreciate a fleeting moment, day, season. 

I gave myself a two week photo challenge after the workshop just so I would be motivated to take more photos, and here are some pictures from two weeks in April, from mornings at home to afternoons in the backyard, from parks to the beach to exploring the canyon near our house on a walk with my boy. I especially love how these photos capture Everett and his personality at 22 months. He is fun and silly, and yet serious when it comes to exploring new places and popping bubbles. He is daring around water and in the ocean. He has a deep love of books and popsicles. He is constantly on the move, and he is full of joy. It’s a beautiful season of life, especially when I intentionally slow down to appreciate the little moments of this parenthood journey.

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