Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dear Everett Sage: six months old.

Dear Everett Sage, 

You are six months old. There are so many emotions that come with typing that sentence. I can’t even begin to express them in words.

There was a moment a few nights ago that I want to remember. I was nursing you in bed, getting you ready to be placed in your co-sleeper, where I would read you a few books and sing you a song goodnight. While I was nursing you in the dark of the room, your dad was in the living room decorating the Christmas tree and singing along with the music that was playing on the stereo. As I nursed you in the dark quiet of our room, I listened to his voice, and I thought to myself, this moment is perfect. That is the kind of moment I will remember when I am in my eighties and there is much more life behind me than ahead of me. Those are the little moments that life is made of which end up being the big moments in life.

That is how your first six months of life has been. A series of beautiful, small, simple yet profound moments. The best moments of my life so far.

Your existence has given mine meaning and beauty that is beyond my greatest expectations.

I love you, my son. More than you will ever know.

Your mama.

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