Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Everett Sage: two months old.

Dear Everett Sage,

You are two months old today. One of the greatest lessons I have learned since your birth is to appreciate every moment, because you are already so grown up! I can look back at your first two months of life and honestly say that I did not take one second of it for granted. Even in the midst of the hardest moments, I tried to exude gratitude for this most precious of gifts I've been given: you.

This month we had a lot of fun adventures- we took you to Yosemite and Mammoth to show you our beloved Sierras, we took you to your first wedding, we had a family reunion on my side of the family, and a party for you on your dad's side of the family, and we've had a lot of visitors since your birth. You sure do have a lot of family and friends who love you.

This month you started smiling, and that really has been the best thing ever. My other favorite thing is when you fall asleep on me and you are so peaceful. You bring so much joy to our lives and we love you so.


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