Sunday, March 9, 2014

27 weeks.

It's your lucky week, baby, because this week you get a letter from your dad. Enjoy!

Dear baby,

Yesterday I married my sister, your aunt. That sounds weird (and is illegal in most parts of the world), but in this case I was merely officiating the ceremony. Spending time with family and friends helped me to see how unique we all are. The extended family you will be born into is an interesting one. So many distinct personalities coming from the same sets of parents that it doesn't seem possible. It highlights one of the really true things about parenting (I think)- I will do my best to give you every advantage I can. I will provide you with love and surround you with beauty. I will try and help you understand the strange things about other humans and the planet we share. But really, I can only do so much. So much of this journey that you are about to begin will be self directed.

You will make choices that I cannot control. You will make these choices every day. These small choices will influence the course that your life takes as well as the person you become. Choosing to pick on your younger sibling might cause you to have less confidence later in life. Choosing to give and share with others might start a lifetime trend of giving, making others desire to spend time with you. I am really just trying to figure it out myself, and I've been here much longer than you.

I suppose that what I hope you take away from this letter is that when you feel that I am hampering you, when it feels like I am taking away your fun, know that I really am seeking to love you and guide you to become the best person that you can be. One of the ideas that you will probably not enjoy all the time, but will make the most positive change in you and those around you, is learning to be selfless. Your grandmother and I both highlighted this idea at the wedding of your aunt this weekend. I read a quote during the ceremony about it. Here is a brief excerpt: "Love one another in the sense of being willing to work for their well being even if it means sacrificing our own well being to that end." (C.S. Lewis).

I plan to do my best to love you like that, and also to help you love those around you with that much reckless self abandon. Please be patient when it seems hard and when I am not perfect; this is a process that no one truly ever masters but one that requires a lifetime of practice.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Your father

(This week's photos were taken at Matt's sister's beautiful wedding.)

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