Saturday, November 23, 2013

12 weeks.

Dear baby, 

This week I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as we reached the 12 week mark together. We didn't have the easiest first trimester. We had a few minor complications that left me worried and anxious. I was put on a no exercise regimen by my doctor and we have already had three ultrasounds. The past 8 weeks since we found out about you have seemingly been the slowest of my entire life, because I just wanted so badly to get to the second trimester and feel like everything was going to be okay. In hindsight, I have learned a lesson about what it means to be a mother and love a child with one's whole heart simply because (s)he is your child. If getting pregnant and the first trimester had been without trial, I'm not sure I would feel as grateful and incredibly happy as I do now.

The other great thing about hitting the 12 week mark is being able to tell more of the world about our joyful news. Before this, we had only told our immediate families and close friends that we see on a regular basis. This week, my beautiful and crazy extended family threw me a 30th birthday celebration at our family's favorite restaurant, El Coyote, and I gave a toast to thank them all for who they have been to be in my 30 years, and we announced we are pregnant! It was such a special moment. We also told more dear friends. I told my coworkers and all of my students, as we went around in a circle and shared what we were thankful for this year, leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. It sure is funny the things high school students say when you tell them you are pregnant. Some students already had an idea, because it turns out that I am the type of person that starts showing at eleven weeks, even though it is my first baby! Hello, little baby bump!

I didn't think I would be the kind of person who would take belly photos or write letters to a being that isn't even born yet, but I have found myself at the end of this first trimester feeling more content than I can ever remember feeling in my life previously, and I think I am a little shocked by this feeling. There were times throughout my twenties when I wasn't even sure I wanted to have kids, and now I can couldn't be happier. So, for the overwhelming gratefulness I feel, I want to document this season of life. Also, I feel like many children don't really get to know what their parents were like before they became parents, and since I only have six more months of life without having a child, I figured this might be a good time to tell you a little bit about myself each week, and one day you might read it. Some weeks, it might just be a quick hello, life is really busy, and some weeks might pass without a note at all. But, I hope to offer you a glimpse into my life and this journey that we are now on together... because you are stuck with me, baby. Hello, I'm your mama. 


(This weeks's photos were taken on the porch of our new home.)

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