Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The place we call home.

This is quite possibly my favorite place for happy hour in the city. We recently shared a drink here and spent some time talking about our lives in San Diego, whether or not we could see ourselves calling this place home for a long while, and if we are ready to establish some deeper roots. We sure do love this city. The funny thing is, I'm going to be thirty this year, and I still feel too young to make major life decisions. I am an adult and I have been one for quite some time. I'm in my seventh year of teaching, I have a master's degree, and I have a dog, all things that seem adult-like, I suppose. However, I feel like I'm still twenty-two years old in some ways, not really ready to make major life decisions. Yet, here I am, making them and feeling quite good and confident about what the next year holds, even if it means I am becoming more of a grown up. 


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  2. I really love the cocktail shot the best, and the city. I really feel inspired to learn how to use a camera every time I visit your blog.

    I didn't know we were the same age! Or maybe I did...

    Keep making inspirational art Brooke Gonzales. ~Patrick

  3. For the record, I deleted the first comment because I thought it was awkwardly worded, but it was the same as the one I put up. In essence. :D

    1. Ha! Your comments made my day. Thanks friend!