Monday, December 3, 2012

For the love of running.

We are well into training cycles for our next races over here, which means full weeks as we sneak in runs around busy work schedules, while trying to find time to cook, eat, keep a somewhat clean house, make time for each other, and find time for friends. We aren't quite succeeding at it all, and I'm okay with that.

To spice things up for our long runs last weekend, we drove to the harbor. While I was waiting for Matt to finish, I took some photos (since he is training for a marathon and I am only training for a half-marathon, I finish first even though he is way faster than me). 

The reason I decided to sign up for this upcoming race was not to get faster or see if I can beat my last time, but really, it was just to try to fall in love with running again. On Sunday, as I ran along the harbor with the cool air from the water blowing against my sweaty skin, viewing the city skyline in the distance, running long and feeling strong, my heart was full of love for running. I found myself especially grateful for the clarity, strength, and empowerment that comes as my feet pound the pavement with every single step.

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