Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Autumn day in San Diego.

We decided to have a bit of a staycation before Thanksgiving and the chaos and beauty of family time comes. Here's our recipe for a guaranteed lovely Autumn day in San Diego:
1. Pick up burritos in University Heights from one of our favorite places, El Zarape. Enjoy the fall colors while waiting for the food. 
2. Have a picnic on a suspension bridge built in 1912, one of our favorite spots in San Diego.
3. Walk around a nice neighborhood full of mansions and dream of a life we will never have (and don't really want anyway).
4. Take silly photos on said bridge. 
5. Have a Matt and Brooke movie marathon night, stopping in between movies to make a soup and a hot toddy. Have a picnic on the living room floor, and then proceed to eat far too many gummy bears for dessert. 


  1. What a beautiful place, and the light in the photos is simply gorgeous!
    Aren't staycations the best? I took a bunch of the this summer and had the best time :)

    1. Yes, staycations are the best! Especially when you live in France, like you do. Looks lovely!