Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven humans, five dogs, a hike, and a sunset// The last post on our camping trip.

When we went camping two weekends ago, we had seven humans and five dogs at our campsite. A nice ratio, I think. There was a lot of leave it, sit, lay down, and cuddling shivering dogs in sleeping bags. Waking up with the sun, hiking during the day, stopping to picnic beside the meadow, coming back to enjoy a striking sunset and a warm fire, conversing about life while looking for shooting stars and satellites. Beautiful scenery with beautiful friends. A nice way to end our birthday month around here (it was a good decision to extend the festivities beyond a day). As we came home, the smell of smoke from the fire lingered in my hair and clothes despite the washing, and every time I smelled it throughout the next day back at work, it brought a smile to my face.  

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