Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On my birthday.

As of today, I am twenty-nine years and one week old. Here's what my birthday night looked like in photos. As we watched the planes, I kind of wished I was on one flying to some foreign country (I can't help it, I get that feeling whenever I see a plane), but I was more than full of joy to hit up my favorite view of the city for happy hour, eat sushi, and see a band I love, The Head and the Heart, play downtown... all on a school night, nonetheless. There really is so much beauty in this life, and I was reminded of that once again throughout my birth week.
What luck to have one of my favorite bands come into town, on a Wednesday night, on my actual birthday. Matt bought me tickets as a surprise, but for us, being married and having common likes, secrets are difficult to keep. I ruined the surprise as I was searching through the websites of all of my favorite bands to see if any of them were coming into town soon, and come to find out, this band was... and it was on my birthday! I was so excited to tell Matt what I had discovered, only to find out he already knew and had bought fourth row tickets. 

The show was delightful, and I may have even shed a tear at the beauty exuded through the live music on day of my birth, thinking about turning another year older and feeling full of joy at the thought of where my life is at. Life's not always easy, that's for sure, but when I have the right perspective, I really do see so much beauty all around me. 

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