Monday, September 10, 2012

When friends come into town to visit...

... we get excited to show them around our city, and even more excited if they have an extremely adorable child like this wonderful couple does. 

It's a nice feeling to host people in our home and our city. It helps me look at my surroundings with a fresh, appreciative eye. We have an imperfect little home in a backyard, but we try to make it loving and welcoming. We have a beautiful city with so much character, and it's always fun to think about what places to take people and how they will see it.

It was lovely having this family spend some time in our home and our city this past weekend. We enjoyed a backyard bbq, homemade berry waffles courtesy of Matt, cappuccinos, a long walk through our neighborhood which led us to swings, a picnic and walk through Balboa Park, the cactus garden, Chicano Park, and Sunset Cliffs. Of course, there's still more on our list for next time. 

The most enjoyable part, though, was the rich conversations and consistent entertainment by their beautiful son. This family is an inspiration. 

Marc, Kara, and Nolan, visit again soon!

Okay, who is coming next to Casa Gonzales?


  1. we call being next. we're selfish and want more time with you :)
    l love the pictures you captured of my guys!
    thank you for hosting us, showing us the city, feeding us good food, and providing awesome company & friendship!
    love you guys!

  2. Love both of these family! We call dibs (you have to share Kara!) We love SD & need the behind the scene tour :)

  3. looks like fun...
    miss all you guys like crazy!

    my fave is the one of Marc (or Matt) walking beside Nolan crawling.... heart melting!

  4. i love when people come to visit... you get to show off your town!

  5. OMG, Imagine my surprise when I go to your beautiful blog to see some amazing pictures and I see NOLAN, not just any NOLAN, the cutest pictures ever!! You so captured his little personality. My favorite is him crawling to the birds. Love them!!! You are so talented!!! Love, Nana Gloria :)

  6. Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments!