Saturday, September 22, 2012

This week Matt turned thirty-one.

This is Matt's thinking face... and also what he looks like at 31 years and 0 days old. 
I am a question asker by nature I suppose, and luckily (or unfortunately) for Matt, he is married to me, which means on big occasions like birthdays, I ask him questions, and he obliges me and answers... mostly. We started his birthday night off in Ocean Beach with some special beer and then ventured out to experience the sunset. I asked him what his top three moments as a 30 year old were and three moments he is looking forward to at 31. 

Matt's top three four moments of age 30:
1) Sitting by the river in Venice- drinking cappucinos, eating pizza, talking about hopes and dreams for life.
2) The hike in Switzerland- standing below the peaks of the Swiss Alps and feeling both significant and insignificant at the same time.
3) Spending the day at Dachau Concentration Camp- soaking in and attempting to process the perspective it brings to life.
4) An awards ceremony with AVID students and their families in May- students getting scholarships, and feeling pride deep down in his soul, not for himself, but for what his students were able to achieve.

Matt's top three he's looking forward to at 31:
1) Working with new students, helping them create and realize their own potential.
2) The spring and uncharted possibilities. 
3) New adventures that have yet to be dreamed up and planned.

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  1. These are such beautiful shots. And happy birthday Matty!! We love you!