Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A backyard filled with friends and twinkle lights.

My dear friend Charlotte came into town last week, and can I just say that sitting across from her in a hammock for an entire evening, sipping on cocktails, was an absolute delight. Since she was visiting, we had a little reunion of sorts with some friends, spending time in the backyard together, eating delicious guacamole and food off the BBQ, drinking cold beer, and enjoying the warm summer evening. At one glorious time, back in the good old days, all of these people and more lived on our property. So many friends so close by. It was fun to reconnect, remember, reminisce, and a little sad to recognize that it is no longer that way.

(side note: I really wish I had a camera that had better capabilities when it came to taking photos at night. I just can't hold my hand still enough.)

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