Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out and about in Berlin.

That last photo is of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It solemnly takes up an entire city block.


We left Berlin this morning on an overnight train to Amsterdam, which will be the last city we explore on this six week journey. It's crazy to think our adventure is coming to an end, but this summer has actually gone by surprisingly slow and we have relished each day. While we are sad for our travels to be over, we have been discussing how we truly do love our life in San Diego and have exciting things to look forward to in the future, so it's really not too disappointing at all. There are so many things we love about home. I think I may be getting a little older and wiser.

Just a note about overnight trains... if you can, try not to be stuck in a little box car with a man who rode his bike and has the worse body odor you can imagine... we weren't so lucky to avoid that fate. 

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  1. I loved Berlin! So much culture and heritage and uniqueness. that monument to the murdered jews was pretty intense!
    we had some sucky experiences in overnight trains lol!
    also, marc said he likes reading your blog because you take so many amazing pictures and not a ton of words! lol