Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our anniversary: a little film.

I made this video all the way back in June from clips I took on our eighth wedding anniversary, but you know, then we went off on a summer adventure abroad, so I am just posting it now. It's nothing too special or well thought out, but it's us.

A little warning, we are definitely cheesy, but being that the divorce rate is about 50%, I'll take cheesy any day.

>>video>> shot with the 8mm app for the iphone
>>music>> "Couer D' alene" by The Head and the Heart (the band we saw in concert for our anniversary):

     "You're in my soul now, you've gotta waste away with me.
      My mind's made up, I'm staying here with you.

      There's no use knowing, which way the wind is blowing.
      My mind's made up, I'm doing this, I'm doing this with you."


  1. I absolutely loved this. Not one bit of cheese, and even if it were, I'd love it just the same.


    1. Thanks Bren, you always make me feel better when I'm feeling vulnerable. :)