Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spain won the Euro Cup, and we were in Barcelona to see the excitement happen.

We watched Spain dominate Italy in the final game of the Euro Cup on our second night in Barcelona. It was pouring rain on and off all day, crazy thunderstorms and lighting, not quite normal weather for this city. Our host recommended a bar for us to watch the game at, and we think we found it in the pouring rain (he didn't know the name of it, just where it was located, so we found a bar in that direction). We watched the game with fans, who were all singing, cheering, and drinking. At the end, I got a champagne shower... not intentionally; the bar owner was a bit excited so he opened up two bottles of champagne and sprayed them everywhere. We headed out into the main square, Plaza Catalunya, with everyone to celebrate. People were climbing on statues, waving flags, and stopping traffic. It was a crazy, happy, excited mob of people. I almost got a beer shower, but luckily, I ran away in time to avoid it. There was such energy... a night to remember, for sure.

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  1. Viva Espana, viva soccer. Crazy Fun! The beach looked so beautiful.
    Looks like your having a blast. Aspen says Hi
    Love ya, MOM and Dad and Kaylin too