Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rome at night.

More wandering and eating for us. I ate pizza four days in a row in Rome, because really, it was that good. I will probably crave Pizzeria Bafetto for the rest of my life. 

Rome at night was magical, and not just because of the pizza. The heat and the crowds let up a little. The sites were lit up. We wandered the narrow streets and stopped for some gelato. One night we grabbed a bite to go and ate a picnic while looking up at the Colosseum. Another night we had some wine on the steps of the Pantheon. We took random pictures along the way, and mostly just soaked it all in.
P.S. My mouth is now watering for some pizza.

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  1. The pictures are so breath taking. I have, no we have enjoyed looking at them and feeling like we are experiencing a little piece of your trip. Did you get the recipe for that pizza?
    Aspen is enjoying Mammoth. He is a real squirrel hunter. We have been doing house work and he will sit on the balcony and watch the critters. For a non water dog he has loved the creek too.
    Praying for you both,
    Mom & Dad