Friday, July 20, 2012

Out and about in Florence.

Traveling on a budget can be interesting sometimes. When we first arrived in Florence, we asked three people for directions to our little hotel that was supposedly in the heart of the city. All three people told us that the plaza the hotel was supposedly located in didn't exist. Matt thought I booked it through a site that was a scam and just took our money. Finally, we asked a taxi driver who said she knew where it was, so we had no choice but to pay a taxi to take us there... luckily it did exist after all. 

On a completely separate note, oh, the food in Italy. Really, it is just so good. We had the best sandwiches of our life in Florence, and now I will probably crave the little sandwich shop called All'Antico Vinaio for the rest of my days. We also had some delicious pasta, and we learned really quickly that the most delicious food in Italy doesn't have to be the most expensive. And the gelato, mmmmm... fortunately we also did a lot of walking.

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