Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Moroccan Riad.

Many homes in the medinas of Morocco are unassuming from the outside, led to by a door from a narrow street. Once inside, there is often an open courtyard with a fountain and a garden of sorts. They are called Riads, which means home or palace. We stayed in Riads in Marrakech and Fez, because I suppose that is just where people stay when they visit Morocco. It was an inexpensive and beautiful living arrangement that even included breakfast each morning with four different kinds of bread, two kinds of fresh squeezed juice, the famous Moroccan mint tea, eggs, and cheese. More food than any two people could ever eat in one sitting. We really did feel like we were living in a palace.
This was the Riad we stayed at in Fez, and that last photo was the view out of the window of our room.


  1. The tile work is so incredible. I love the pictures of the accommodations. You guys must be loving Morocco. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

    Love ya,
    PS How bout that beard