Sunday, July 29, 2012

A little road trip outside of Munich.

Picture this. A little silver hatchback car that doesn't successfully switch from first to second gear. One large map of Germany that spans across both the driver's and passenger's seats. A German country song on the radio. Driving around Munich trying to make it to the Romantic Road, squinting at the dime sized area that represents Munich on said map. Attempting to slow down at road signs for some semblance of guidance while Audis and BMWs swerve around our car.

Let's just say a road trip in Germany could provide the perfect opportunity to test the strength of one's marriage. We thought we were never going to even make it out of Munich. Getting lost repeatedly on the Romantic Road can kind of take the "romantic" out of it. In the words of David Bowie, who made it onto our road trip playlist post-German country music, "this is ourselves under pressure."

However, once the frustration passed and we figured out how to navigate the roads, our little road trip turned out to be quite lovely. Castles, countryside, lakes, and little villages filled our horizon on the road. 

Don't worry, Matt's glass is actually empty in this beer garden photo, because he had to drive us back. Luckily, I fell asleep on the car ride, so Matt could drive really fast when there was no speed limit, because I was too scared to let him when I was awake. 


  1. It looks like you made it to Salzburg. the pictures are incredible. Hard to believe they are real. Love to Matt!

  2. What exactly did you do in Europe or are still doing?
    Great that you seem to enjoy it!
    Greetings from Austria (and yes my hometown is actually on the map aswell, yeah :D)

    1. We are just traveling around for six weeks and enjoying it immensely. Where exactly are you from?

  3. Wow! (again) and hilarious. love you.