Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today my dog turns 3.

Ever since I was little, I always wanted a dog (ask my mom, she was tired of hearing how deprived I was as a child since I grew up dog-less). Still, I did not think I would become one of those crazy dog people who loves their dog a completely ridiculous amount. But alas, it happened.

Here are just 5 reasons I am glad we adopted our cute little mutt:
1) He is a consistent comforter. One time I was crying, and he actually licked a tear off my face.
2) He follows me around the house wherever I go and makes me feel like the most important person ever.
3) Taking him on a walk around the neighborhood provides the perfect time to notice beautiful things or contemplate life. 
4) He attracts friends for us wherever we go. People are always trying to come up with what kind of dog he is.
5) He is amazing with little kids.

Just last night, a kid at a neighborhood party asked his mom if he could keep our dog. We, of course, had to say no, so he asked what kind of dog Aspen is. When we replied, "he's a mutt," he told his mom, "my new favorite type of dog is a mutt!"

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