Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucky 13.

This week we are celebrating thirteen years of being together. It's kind of ridiculous and beautiful at the same time. This week marks thirteen years since our first date, our first kiss, thirteen years since becoming us.

To celebrate we walked along the beach on Tuesday night, reminiscing about those beginning moments together. We never thought we would actually become a couple that lasted; we were in high school after all. Now here we are, remembering all of those little seemingly insignificant details about the beginning that have since become important because those are the moments in which we became us, or at least it was the beginning of a journey that we are still on.

Little memories... our first date, which was Matt's senior prom, how he ordered shark off the menu at dinner, which I thought was a bit strange...  how he probably wouldn't have asked me if my friends didn't pressure him into it... where we were when we had our first kiss... how on our first date to the movies the candy he picked out was Boston Baked Beans, one of my dad's favorites... what attracted me to him in the first place, his goodness.

Little memories that are now a part of our story, because here we are thirteen years later, married and walking along the beach hand in hand, reminiscing about the past and talking about what's next in our story. I am so excited for the next chapter, but I am just as happy and grateful to be enjoying this simple season we find ourselves in. 

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