Sunday, April 15, 2012

New recipes// March.

In line with our food New Year's resolutions, here are some new recipes we tried and liked in March. (I decided that I'm only going to post recipes that I would actually cook again instead of everything we try. This was the first month we've cooked something that I would never make again.)

Recipe one: a mushroom white wine sauce on pasta

Commentary: This might have been my favorite new recipe we've cooked this year, and it is also the most unhealthy. I wanted to make a creamy mushroom pasta, and although I knew that would be unhealthy, I wanted to stay away from using heavy cream, so this recipe met the criteria, and it was delicious! I would definitely recommend it.

From See the recipe here.


Recipe two: spicy roasted broccolini quinoa salad

Commentary: I pretty much like every quinoa salad I've tried, and this was no exception. However, next time I would add more than the suggested red pepper flake amount to actually make it spicy and more lemon to make it a bit more flavorful. Still, it was yummy.

Recipe from See recipe here.


Recipe three: beet pesto pasta

Commentary: I am obsessed with beets, and I thought this was unique, beautiful, and delicious. The recipe is for beet pesto, and we decided to put it over bow tie pasta and sprinkle a bit of goat cheese on top. Mmmmm.

Recipe from See recipe here.


Recipe four: Kentucky Mule cocktail

Commentary: This was delicious. That's about it.

Recipe from The Bartender's Guide to Cocktails and Mixed Drinks (a wedding present):
ginger beer
a splash of angostura bitters
a squeezed lime


Recipe five: Paddy cocktail (in honor of St. Patrick's Day of course)

Commentary: I'm pretty sure that I am only going to drink Irish Whisky when in Ireland. It's just not my favorite flavor.

Recipe from The Bartender's Guide to Cocktails and Mixed Drinks (a wedding present):
1.5 ounces Jameson
1.5 ounces sweet vermouth
1 splash of bitters


We also tried two new restaurants in March to go with our resolution, both of which I would recommend.  We went to Starlite Lounge for my dad's birthday while my parents were in town. We loved the classy 1970s ambience of the restaurant, the delicious food, and the specialty cocktails. It is on the nicer (and pricier) side, so I would only go for special occasions. Matt and I also went to the OB Noodle House on a date, and it might become a new favorite for us. They have a great selection of beers, an amazing happy hour (half price), and good prices on noodle dishes. We loved the pho. 

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