Friday, February 10, 2012

New recipes// January.

In line with our food New Year's resolutions, we made one new recipe per week during January, and even though I'm not one who loves cooking, it was fun. The accidental theme for the month was quinoa. We didn't intend for every recipe to involve quinoa, but each did. Here they are, including my commentary on each.

Recipe one: a quinoa salad (quinoa, tomatoes, black beans, green onions, cilantro) with a lime vinaigrette dressing

Commentary: Easy and delicious. Add cheddar cheese if you want. Serve hot or cold; we ate it both ways and it was yummy! Matt's suggestion is to skip making the dressing and just use good green salsa with lime instead. I kind of agree.

From See the recipe here.


Recipe two: roasted brussel sprouts and beets (in olive oil and salt and pepper), toasted walnuts in olive oil and thyme, served on a bed of cooked quinoa, topped with goat cheese

Commentary: My favorite recipe of the month. I love beets and brussels sprouts, and luckily so does Matt.

Recipe made up by us.


Recipe three: butternut squash and quinoa soup with homemade bread

Commentary: I liked the quinoa in the soup. It made it a little heartier, but still flavorful. Next time, we would use less butter than the recipe called for.

From Food Rebublic. See recipe here.


Recipe four: mushroom curry with garlic naan bread

Commentary: This is definitely the least appealing looking of the meals we made, but it was delicious. We served it on quinoa instead of rice just because we already had some cooked up, and the naan bread is from Trader Joe's.

From Serious Eats. See recipe here.


New cocktail recipe of the month: Tequila Sunrise. 

Commentary: I had never had one of these before. It was so sweet that it was kind of like dessert. Conclusion: I'm more of a margarita kind of girl.


Side notes: Thank you to my grandma's tablecloth for being featured in this post and daily on my kitchen table. Thank you to my husband for cooking with me and having similar taste buds as me.


  1. This was so great! I loved it.
    Brooke, you and Matt make me so excited to one day be married and do things like this. Cooking and eating for one is just not all that exciting, haha.