Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New local eats// a new year's resolution.

In December, Matt and I decided on a couple of food New Year's resolutions:
1) Try one new local restaurant each month.
2) Try one new recipe each week.

I am a creature of habit, and I like to go to my same favorite local restaurants over and over, so I am branching out. 

We decided this over Christmas break and didn't want to wait until the new year started, so we went to our first new restaurant in December. We had plans to go to an art opening at a tiny, lovely gallery in La Jolla, Thumbprint Gallery, so we looked for a new place to try up there. The Public House boasted of a variety of homemade veggie burgers and an impressive beer selection, so that was our destination.
One thing I loved about it is that you can order a flight of any of the beers on the menu, rather than the ones they have already chosen to put in a flight, so we chose four beers to taste.
We shared a veggie La Jolla Cave Bootlegger burger, which was one of the best veggie burgers we both have had (of course, they are famous for their real burgers as well).
La Jolla + casual vegetarian dining + beer tasting + art gallery = fun evening with good food.

If you wanted to make more of an adventure out of it, you could stop at La Jolla Cove.

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  1. Such an awesome New Year's food resolution :)
    You should post your weekly recipes, I'd be interested to see them!