Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: a year in review.

2011, in brief: setting goals only leads to a change in plans, seeking and finding joy, listening to live music, teaching my heart out, exploring our city, road tripping, fellowshipping, dog loving, picture taking.

2011, an expanded version:

There were so many highlights to this year, so many things to be commemorated. We celebrated seven years of marriage, Matt graduating with his master's degree, Matt turning 30me turning 28, and we became godparents to the most wonderful little person, Robin Elizabeth. 

Seeking and finding joy:
I started this year in a kind of dark place. Literally dark because it was winter, and personally dark because I had set all of these goals for myself for the year regarding running, and then I got a stress fracture while training for my second marathon and third half marathon. After awhile, I decided to make a change and find joy, so I began blogging again about my quest. This is why I have kept blogging throughout the rest of the year, as a way to seek out and find joy in life's big and little things. It's a spiritual discipline that has become necessary and good for me.

Picture taking:
Seeking and finding joy also started my love affair with picture taking this year. As I began to seek and find joy, I began documenting it through photography, first on my iPhone camera, and then on our Canon Rebel. I have kind of been playing around with taking pictures and editing them throughout the rest of this year, and it has been a hobby that I have quite enjoyed. Here are some favorite pictures I've taken this year:

Listening to live music:
We got to see all these people live this year.
Mumford and Sons
The Tallest Man on Earth
The Dodos
The Avett Brothers
The Joy Formidable
Bright Eyes
Bon Iver
The Gayngs
Okervil River
Titus Andronicus
Rocky Votolato (twice- and I even gave him a hug.)

This was the best live music year of my life, and a year where I often turned to music for solace.

Road tripping:
A little jaunt up the coast to Santa Barbara and then to San Francisco to visit these friends.

Another little jaunt up the coast to Santa Cruz to visit these friends.

two week trip around the country, visiting five national parks, sleeping in a different place each night, camping, and falling more in love with my husband along the way.


Exploring our city:
We tried out many new hikes this year in San Diego like Three Sisters WaterfallSunset TrailMount FortunaOak Canyon TrailMount Woodson, and enjoyed time on the local trails by our house. 

For two weeks over the summer, I became a college student again living in campus housing for a two week fellowship on nonviolence. I met some of the most amazing people working to change the world through their daily living practices and teaching the youth of today. I still think of this fellowship often, and I think I am actually still processing much of what it means for me. Still thinking about this one.

Dog loving:
I've had this dog for a year now, and I love him. Need I say more?

Teaching my heart out:
It's true. Teaching is great and rewarding, but it sure does take a lot out of me. I do love it, though.

This post is long enough, so I must stop. It has been fun reminiscing about this past year. What a full year it has been. It really puts life into perspective for me looking at it all like this. 

Words to describe 2012: travel, teaching my heart out (but keeping a little more of my heart for myself), little adventures, seeking faith

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