Friday, September 2, 2011

Appreciating the little moments of life.

What a week it has been. So many emotional highs and lows. Two of my best friends lost their dad this week, and I've been grieving for their family ever since. He was such an amazing man, one of the best dads I have ever known. He loved his family unconditionally, always had a smile on his face, was a consistent calm presence, and he did back flips on the beach!

It was a reminder to appreciate the everyday beauty that life has to offer and love the people around me a little more.

This week also brought the official end of Matt's master's program. As of Tuesday, he is a master. Also, since Tuesday, Matt's car has been in the shop, and we are awaiting a large repair bill.

This week brought the introduction of 53 new tenth grade students into my life, each of whom I know I will grow close to and grow to love. It also brought many of my former students back to visit, each of whom I still feel close to and love. Some came back to visit with smiles, some with tears, one with a letter of thanks. 

So many emotions all throughout the week. 

I end this week with a heavy heart, heavy with sorrow, but also heavy with joy, because I was once again reminded this week that life is too short to not appreciate the little moments that bring each of us joy.

So here's to some of the little moments I've been appreciating in the past few weeks:

A day at the beach.
Pretty flowers on a walk around my block.
Pretty flowers in my windowsill that someone gave me on my walk around the block.
A silly wet dog.
Robin, our goddaughter, crawls!
So many wonderful moments captured and so many other wonderful moments uncaptured.

Here's to life, living it fully, creating memories, seeking joy, appreciating the little things, and remembering the good people I've had the honor of knowing.