Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cactus garden at sunset.

About a month and a half ago, I went on a solo walk through Balboa Park's Cactus Garden. I had gotten a new camera lens in the mail that day and wanted to take some pictures with it. Matt had class and suggested I go to the Cactus Garden at sunset. It seemed like a good idea to me.
That day was June 30, my Grammy's birthday. Two days later on July 2 is my Nana's birthday. I found myself walking through the Cactus Garden thinking about my two grandmothers who are no longer here with me. My grandmothers could not have been more opposite from each other, but I loved them both so deeply and they each showered me with unconditional love.
As I walked around, I reflected on their lives, who they were to me, what they taught me, and I wondered what my grandchildren might think of me one day after I am gone. What type of woman do I hope to be remembered as? What am I doing to be that type of person in this season of life? 
Those questions have stuck with me throughout this summer, which is always a season of reflection for me. Matt and I have been reflecting a lot this summer on how we are living, where we are living, how we want to be living, and even future dreams of children.
And in thinking about life today it helps to think about the lives that have come before me. Those lives that have inevitably shaped mine simply because they gave me their love and showed me ways to live. 

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