Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summertime is for the beach.

This is the beautiful and joy-filled Grace, my cousin's daughter, after I had buried her in the sand (her first time ever being buried in the sand, a rite of passage in my opinion). We had a family beach trip this past Tuesday in LA.

I plan to get in as many beach trips as possible this summer. Soaking up the sun, the ocean breeze, sand between my toes, devouring a good book, jumping over waves at the water's edge- can't think of a much better combination.
(Picture taken with my iphone.)

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  1. Kids are usually the most active when the summer season settles in. The sunny weather seems to hype up their body, and they somehow manage to play all day without getting tired! Well, let’s take this summertime as an opportunity to awaken the ‘kids’ in us and find out that happiness is easy to achieve .

    -Donna Parsley