Thursday, July 21, 2011


Our first major stop in Colorado was at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre where we saw The Avett Brothers play. It was beyond amazing. The way that seating works is the earlier you get there to wait, the better chance you have at getting a good seat. People line up and it's kind of like a big party. Then, when they open the gates, you run and get a seat. We got to sit in the fourth row. The Avett Brothers' performance was so energetic and fun, and the venue was absolutely beautiful as we sat surrounded by red rocks and lightning. It was a definite highlight of the trip.
(We weren't allowed to take a real camera in, so these pictures are from my iphone.)

After that we headed to Colorado Springs to visit Matt's sister Kaylin, who it was so good to reconnect and have fun with. 

Garden of the Gods. Manitou Springs. Escaping from and enjoying afternoon thunderstorms in coffee shops. Pike's Peak. Picnic at the top of said 14,110 mountain. Tea. Playing pool. The perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.
Colorado Springs left us with a special present. On the morning we were leaving, we came out to find our car with two bb gun shots in it, one in the driver's door and one that shattered a window. That was a nice farewell.
(Vandalism pictures from my iphone.)

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