Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad. He taught me how to live generously, and that there are so many things in life more important than money and materialism. He taught me to be myself above all else and he created a family where being weird and fun was valued. He showed me an example growing up of what true commitment to marriage looks like. He taught me the value of living intelligently and that it is okay and good to cry (my dad cries more than anyone I know). He took us on so many fabulous family vacations where we played cards, hiked, swam, rafted down a river, and enjoyed the beauty of nature while we enjoyed the beauty of family. I only hope one day that I can create a family for my children like that he and my mom created for me. I still love going home to spend time with my parents and my dad jumping up and down and making me jump up and down too, because we are just so happy to be together. He is that weird, and so am I because of him, and I am grateful for that.
(Picture of my dad in New Zealand, rope swinging over the city of Wellington, summer 2008)

And Happy Father's Day to every other father I know, each of whom I strive to learn from.

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