Saturday, June 4, 2011

A friend reunion in Santa Cruz.

The story goes something like this...
Brooke and Amy were running the jog-a-thon in the fourth grade. They both got a stitch in their side, so they had to walk together, and they were best friends ever since. 

I'm not so sure about the complete accuracy of the story, but I do know that these girls were such a big part of my life during some of the most formative years of growing up. There were seasons of life where we were inseparable. We had sleep overs, shared stories of crushes, boyfriends, first kisses, kept a list of our inside jokes, went on vacation together. We were even baptized together. Then we grew up, went off to college, got married and were in each other's weddings. It's been about ten years since we have lived in the same city, but these friends will always have a special place in my heart. Now between the three couples, there is a baby and three dogs. We are kind of like real grown ups now.

Our little reunion in Santa Cruz refreshed my spirit. It was a joy reconnecting with these friends, delving into meaningful conversations, laughing so hard I cried, and it was especially beautiful to see my friend as a mom. We've been missing the sweet voice of Emrie Kent following us around ever since we got home.


  1. We had so much fun spending time with you and Matt (and Aspen)! We need to plan another reunion in the near future. Yosemite?!?!? xoxo

  2. awww! these pictures made me so happy (although i thought the one of amy jumping off the log should have been included :) i wish we could spend every weekend with you guys. also, emrie is absolutely obsessed with you both (mostly matt but she does say "guuk" a lot too). we miss you already!!