Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twelve years ago today...

two kids went on their first date. a senior prom. their first date of many to come. they even had their first kiss. their first kiss of many to come. now, twelve years later they look like this. so many things have changed since that first date. they are older, less naive, have more responsibilities. college came, then marriage, careers, grad school, travels, moves. but despite all of those changes, they grew together, closer. and they still like each other. and they love each other more now than ever. even though sometimes life is tough and they argue over pointless things, they still like each other. all because of a first date twelve years ago today.
 (pictures from April 2011 in Berkeley, taken by Charlotte with her camera)


  1. you two are so beautiful and look so happy, I love it!

  2. Happy Anniversary! i'm so happy for you guys. lv ya! mom