Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The best teacher award ever.

Last night was Matt's yearly AVID senior night to honor and celebrate the graduating class before they go on to college. This year, he has the best kids he has ever had, so it was an especially great night for him. I had mentioned previously that Matt made a deal with his students about how he wasn't going to shave his beard until graduation week. The students collaborated and raised money to honor him and give him an award last night, and it is pretty much the best award anyone has ever received:
They also gave him a more traditional award:
Although I didn't go to the celebration, these pictures make me so proud. They are so cute. I am proud of my husband. He has worked incredibly hard this year to get these kids into college and get them scholarships. He is a good man.
(Pictures taken by someone at the AVID celebration.)

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